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Do The Electronics Industry Use The Same Anti-static Suit

Jul 28, 2018

Do the electronics industry use the same anti-static suit?

Also in the electronics industry, suitable anti-static suits are also different.

Electronics is a large category, and the precision of the instruments varies. The requirements for dust and static electricity are also different. This is the same as using different types of anti-static clothing in different industries. Then some people have to ask, we are a certain product, what kind of anti-static clothing should be used?

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For the general communication equipment industry, the products are not precision electronics. The requirements for cleanliness are not very high. You can use 0.25 or 0.5 grid anti-static smashing, so that the anti-static performance can meet the requirements, and the employees wear it again. More comfortable.

In the common electronic factory assembly line, wearing an anti-static split suit is fine.

However, in precision electronics, such as semiconductors, chips, packaging and other industries, it is necessary to wear anti-static jumpsuits, armed from the head to the feet, to ensure that the body's secretions, dust will not affect the quality of the product.

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Choosing the right anti-static clothing is very important for the company's products, so be sure to use more work clothes before purchasing anti-static clothing, carefully select, if you do not understand, you can consult professional anti-static clothing manufacturers, we can give you Professional solutions for you to choose the most suitable anti-static clothing styles and fabrics.