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Do You Know Anti-static Four-hole Shoes

Aug 08, 2018

Do you know anti-static four-hole shoes?


In recent years, anti-static four-hole shoes have been well received by major electronics manufacturers, and even some listed companies are very recognized. It has become a standard for electronics factories. Do you know why?

CR0616 ESD SHOES.jpg

People used to know about anti-static four-hole shoes. Some people even think that this kind of shoes is no different from the shoes we usually wear, just to make the workers uniform and easy to manage. Or someone else confuses anti-static shoes with insulated shoes. Is this the truth? Of course not. With the increasing demands of electronics factories on their own, in terms of protection, their expectation is that there is no static electricity generated during the production process, which reduces the damage of static electricity to electronic components during production. The anti-static four-hole shoe itself is a semiconductor material, which can do this very well. As for insulated shoes, it is two different things with anti-static shoes.

However, anti-static four-hole shoes also have a fly in the ointment. Although it has a good anti-static effect, it is not as good as conventional anti-static shoes. Some companies that pay more attention to cleanliness are not suitable for anti-static four-hole. Shoes. Therefore, when purchasing anti-static shoes, you also need to consider the industry you are in.