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Does The Dust-free Boots Lead The Athlete's Foot? A: Professional Cleaning Will Not!

May 07, 2018

Hearing customers recently said that worrying that cleansed dust-free boots will wear long beriberi on the feet, because industrial cleaning is a large number of dust-free boots cleaned in the washing machine, it will inevitably cross infection.


This concern is not without reason, because some cleaning companies do this, mainly to reduce costs. However, the real professional dustless cleaning and cleaning is not such a phenomenon.


Here, I will tell you about the operation of the professional cleaning and cleaning process. The dustless cleaning process uses treated sand and pure water. The rinsing process uses a resistivity of at least 10 megohms/cm. Ionic water, cleansing agent used for dustless cleaning is a non-ionic surfactant and the pH is neutral. Cleanroom cleaning uses imported programmable stainless steel channel type dustless special washers and dryers. The air used for drying is filtered by a high-efficiency filter. Drying, packaging, and inspection after clean-cleaning are all in Class 100 clean room environment. Underneath, after cleansing, the anti-static parameters and cleanliness performance of the dust-free boots should also be tested.


Every time there is no dust cleaning and cleaning, the company will use bleaching water to stain, bleach and disinfect, and then use ultra-pure water several times to clear. The cleansing bleaching products consist of chlorine oxides, alkaline stabilizers, and metal ion complexing agents that are completely free of phosphorus. It is mainly used to kill intestinal pathogens, pyogenic cocci, and inactivate viruses (which can be used to disinfect contaminated items from infectious diseases such as bird flu, SAS, and hepatitis). Each time before packing, the company's purifying, cleaning and disinfecting labels are affixed. Such a perfect cleansing and cleaning system allows customers to feel comfortable, comfortable to wear, and relieves customers of everything.