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Edge Material Aging Problem?

Jan 30, 2018

Insulation materials in the operation process, in the heat, electricity, light, oxidation, mechanical, radiation, microorganisms and other factors, and the occurrence of a series of physical and chemical changes, resulting in insulation electrical and mechanical properties of the deterioration, Become aging. The main forms of aging include environmental aging, thermal aging and electrical aging.

Environmental aging, also known as atmospheric aging, is due to UV, ozone, salt spray, acid and other factors bleed air pollution chemical aging. Golden Power - insulation pads

Aging more common in low-voltage electrical appliances, under the action of temperature, certain components in the insulation material escape, the internal components of oxidation, cracking, metamorphism, hydrolysis reaction with water and gradually lose the insulation properties. Golden Power - insulation pads

Electric aging is more common in high-voltage electrical appliances. Insulating materials are partially discharged under the action of high voltage to produce strong oxide ozone, which can easily cause the material to undergo ozone cracking and produce nitrogen oxides combined with moisture to produce nitric acid, which causes the decay. But also produce high-speed charged particles to attack the insulating material molecules, promote its ionization and fission, so that the dielectric loss increases, the material locally heat, leading to heat aging. Golden Power - insulation pads