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Electricity Is The Internet That Every Industry Can Use

Jan 30, 2018

The use of electricity has been half a century older than the Internet, and the invention of computers and the Internet is more electricity-based. Today, both have greatly expanded the economic and social forms of humankind and profoundly influenced people's production and lifestyles. Golden Power - Distribution Room insulation pads manufacturers

In the process of development, there is one thing in common between the two that has not changed, that is, to achieve extensive interconnection. The ability of networking is from weak to strong, which is an objective law of power grid development; the level of interconnection is from low to high, which is the inevitable trend of the development of the Internet. If the Internet in the future is a good tool for us who can not do without words, with the gradual development of smart grid construction, electricity is more every industry should embrace and further development of things. Golden Power - Distribution Room insulation pads manufacturers

In fact, China's per capita electricity consumption is not large, there are still more than 200,000 people do not have access to electricity, the level of intelligence is still great room for improvement. This year's government work report for the first time proposed the development of an "Internet +" plan of action. Compared to the Internet, the power industry is a traditional industry. Golden Power - Distribution Room insulation pads manufacturers

In order to promote the integration and innovation of the Internet and other traditional industries, we should actively use new ideas to speed up the development of the power industry and increase the proportion of power consumption in end-use so that electricity can truly play a fundamental role and a broad interconnection advantage. Industry can use the "Internet."