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Electronic Factory Anti-static Clothing Is Used Correctly

Jul 13, 2018

Electronic factory anti-static clothing is used correctly

Since Apple changed people's digital lifestyles in a new way, electronics companies have ushered in new business opportunities. The new intelligent electronic products mean more sophisticated processing and production, and the defense against static electricity is also required to be more detailed. We know that the friction between the clothes we usually wear can also cause static electricity. We can't resist this. Therefore, the antistatic clothing is applied more in the electronics factory.

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Anti-static clothing

For electronics factory operators, there are two ways to prevent static electricity; one is the protection between the clothing and the grounding conductor, and the other is the discharge between the fingertip and the grounding conductor. Although these two methods of discharge will cause damage to sensitive equipment, the anti-static wrist can eliminate the risk of discharge of the latter, but it can not eliminate the risk of discharge of the former, so it is very important to wear anti-static clothing.

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We usually think that wearing cotton factory clothes can be used as anti-static overalls to reduce the accumulation of static electricity. But the results of practice prove that this view is one-sided. In fact, the amount of cotton fabric may sometimes be higher than some chemical fiber fabrics, so compared to the dry climate, we can not only expect the factory made of pure cotton fabric to reduce the damage of static electricity, or should choose a regular anti-static clothing.