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Electrostatic Protection Measures In The Medical Device Industry

May 25, 2018

Electrostatic protection measures in the medical device industry

As we all know, the harm of static electricity is everywhere, almost everywhere, and the medical device industry is certainly not included. Before the people knew little about the static protection knowledge of this industry, but due to the development of technology and other aspects, the electrostatic protection of the medical equipment production environment has also received more and more attention.

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Engineer wearing anti-static clothes on testing equipment

So, what standards should be followed in the electrostatic protection of the medical device industry? The following points will help everyone.

First, the production environment of the medical device industry should strictly comply with the "National Production Safety Law", conduct temperature and humidity control applicable to medical devices, and have measures and equipment for temperature and humidity control, and take appropriate anti-static measures for medical devices. Set up the EPA area.

Second, inspect the ventilation facilities throughout the EPA area, have a good exhaust system, find suitable constant temperature and humidity containers for sensitive devices such as circuit boards, and vacuum-pack.

Third, anti-static measures for the production environment of medical devices should be based on the principle of controlling the accumulation of static charges and eliminating static charges. The EPA prohibits the use and exposure of charge sources that are prone to electrostatic charges, and hangs warning signs within the EPA area. It must also have certain standards of anti-static equipment, and there must be complete anti-static equipment.

Anti-static products are applied to all walks of life. The methods are mostly the same, but every step cannot be omitted or simplified. The work should be carried out in an orderly way, so as to ensure the smooth production.