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Electrostatic Sensitive Area EPA

Jul 04, 2018

Electrostatic sensitive area EPA

In the production site, the EPA, which is set in the static sensitive area, needs to be clearly warned so that everyone at the scene can pay attention. Anti-static measures should also be taken for personnel who are active in static-sensitive areas. So, is it allowed for people who carry mobile phones outside the field to bring their mobile phones into?

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When I went to the customer's production site, I found that the customer's production workshop posted some normative requirements. The most written is that no employee is allowed to bring the mobile phone when entering the workshop, and when it comes to the customer's company, the technician can't always find it. People, can't contact. These are all without a mobile phone. Protective measures like this are doing very well. However, some customers have sometimes encountered some preventive measures in the production process. They think that there is no need for this. Static electricity is not so terrible, but it turns out that this is not the case. In real life, static electricity will be generated when the phone is connected. spark. In fact, the main purpose of establishing EPA is to better protect static sensitive devices from static electricity. Therefore, every detail should be strictly enforced in accordance with the regulations.