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Electrostatic Sensitive Areas Stipulate That It Is Necessary To Wear Esd Clothing

Jul 30, 2018

Electrostatic sensitive areas stipulate that it is necessary to wear esd clothing

As we all know, the harm of static electricity is everywhere, especially in static sensitive areas, the impact will be more extensive and serious. For example, flammable and explosive accidents in industrial production caused by static electricity are not uncommon, which not only endangers the lives of operators, but also causes major damage to production facilities, thereby causing irreparable damage to enterprises.

Static electricity has caused great losses to the production enterprises. Although it has received extensive attention at present, some enterprises will still have more or less negligence in management. Some staff members do not follow the company regulations in order to save trouble, or do not wear protection at all. Equipment, or wearing methods have problems, the protective effect is worse, these are not acceptable.

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 There is a problem with the protective equipment and it will cause harm to the human body. This cannot be ignored. Electrostatic interference can change the normal potential difference of the human body surface and affect the normal physiological process of the heart muscle. Long-lasting static electricity also raises the alkalinity of the blood, causing a decrease in the calcium content in the serum and an increase in the excretion of calcium, thereby affecting the physiological balance of the human body. In addition, the generation of static electricity will seriously affect the staff's mood and work enthusiasm, thereby reducing production efficiency and affecting product quality.

In summary, the regular dressing of static sensitive areas is very important, not only can protect human health and safety, but also effectively avoid the harm of human body static electricity to products and equipment.

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