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ESD Access Control System

May 24, 2018

What are the advantages of ESD access control system


1. Test authority can be made in various combinations according to hands and feet and can be set according to personal customs clearance levels (hands, feet, full test, exemption, hands + left foot, hand + right foot, left foot, right Feet (The last four items are temporarily set to allow employees to work in the foot.)

2. The card-swiping system with high-brightness-folding LCD display function is more humanized; when the test fails, real-time display is card error, time zone error, holiday control, and hand and shoe test errors to remind employees to know the test. Error content is handled accordingly.

3. Various access control functions such as time zone control and holiday control, flexible access control management.

4, follow the first card than the legitimate rights of the card, and then the electrostatic test steps, in order to avoid illegal cards or external cards are also time-consuming test only after the discovery of the card error and exit, increase the wait time for others.

5. ESD test signal can be compared to the wristband and left and right shoe of the opponent at the same time, in order to obtain quick response results, so as not to increase the whole test process time by first measuring the foot and then measuring the foot first and then measuring the foot again.

6, with automatic reset function. After the card is read, the system will automatically reset when the traffic is not available. The transit time can be set and adjusted according to actual needs.

7. The identity of the user who does not have a credit card record can be sent a warning alert to remind employees to develop good habits to avoid time-consuming congestion.

8. Different sound and LED indications are provided for both the test pass and the test pass.

9, credit card machine can be applied to medium and large enterprises, each card machine can control thousands of people, and credit card data can be stored for more than 10 years.

10, with anti-break micro switch, when the credit card machine is destroyed can send an alarm signal.

11, built-in access control repeater control, and the system does not open the door after the test results are indeed compared, to avoid directly by the electrostatic tester to send the door opening signal malfunction of the system defects.

12. The electrostatic tester is a touch-type test. It is not a button or button type. It can be used to avoid poor contact or permanent use.

13, test resistance in line with EU regulations and the United States standards, tester foot pedal should distinguish between left and right foot to comply with international norms. Can not be just a metal pedal for the test of both feet, become one of the feet to pass through the test, so as to avoid the test hole caused by static discharge damage.

14, electrostatic tester can choose to install or concealed protection. When concealed, the card reader can replace the electrostatic tester and can pass the LCD display hand and left and right shoe test.

15. The signal connection between the electrostatic tester and the card reader is detachable, which facilitates disassembly when the electrostatic tester is sent for inspection.

16, the software has a comprehensive customization capabilities, according to the actual needs of customers in conjunction with other management systems (HR or attendance system).