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ESD Acrylic Sheet

Jun 05, 2018

ESD acrylic sheet

Beautiful appearance, 60% to 10 8th power ohms with a light transmittance of 90% or more and a surface resistance of 10, excellent antistatic properties Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance Resistance to chemical solvents, low gas volatility resistance The rating is UL-94:HB.

Through special processing techniques, on the basis of perfectly retaining the inherent physical properties of the substrate, it also has excellent anti-static function, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and avoid the harm caused by static electricity, so as to meet the high-tech era The special needs of the industry.


Transparent, brown, blue, yellow, etc. (Note: Yellow filters UV light)

ESD Acrylic sheet.jpg


Product use: Widely used in the construction of clean room plants (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics, and medicine, etc.), clean room equipment, clean room space separation, clean equipment, observation windows and equipment covers, electronic test fixtures, etc. .

Applicable industries: semiconductor industry, LCD industry, electronic equipment and microelectronics equipment industry, electronic and electrical, communications manufacturing, precision instruments, optical manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and bio-engineering industries.


Conventional size: 1000 (width) X 2000 (length) mm, 1200 (wide) X 2400(long) mm

Conventional thickness: 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,15,20mm