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ESD Anti-static Brush

May 31, 2018

ESD anti-static brush,U-shaped anti-static brush, electrostatic protective brush

ESD Brushes / Antistatic Brushes/ Antistatic Brushes Styles can be divided into - Antistatic Plastic Brushes - Antistatic Handle Brushes - Antistatic Tip Handle Brushes - Antistatic Straight Handle Brushes - Antistatic U Brush - anti-static brush - anti-static round handle brush - anti-static brush - anti-static small toothbrush - anti-static paint brush.

L esd brushes.jpg

Anti-static brush bristle material: PP anti-static plastic wire. Anti-static brush handle material: carbon, synthetic fiber plastic processing, with a certain hardness and toughness, durable, easy to use, flexible operation.

esd brush small.jpg

Suitable for surface dirt cleaning of SMD and PCB boards. Electrostatic discharge can be leaked or neutralized. Antistatic brush handle and bristle surface resistance: ≤ 10 9th power ohms.