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ESD Anti-static Clothing

Jul 16, 2018

Different color ESD anti-static clothing

Generally speaking, most antistatic products are made of conductive agent or carbon black, but some anti-static products; anti-static clothing, clean clothing, anti-static mats, etc., in addition to the built-in conductive wire, can be based on people's preferences and needs. customized. For example, if the anti-static mat is green, it will not cause damage to the human eye even if it is taken for a long time. So some customers will be curious to say that there will be different colors of anti-static, performance is different?

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In fact, the decisive factor that really affects the quality of anti-static overalls is the anti-static material of anti-static overalls, which is a conductive wire. Anti-static clothing of different colors, the inner material of it is conductive wire, but the external color is different. The reason why some are black is because conductive carbon black is added to the material. The advantage of this method is that the antistatic effect is long lasting but the cost is low. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fall off the powder and is not suitable for use in a dust-free purification workshop. Anti-static clothing of other colors has high anti-static effect due to the addition of metal ions in the material, which is more beautiful, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, which is three times that of the former.

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