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ESD Anti-static Clothing, Panasonic Chose Us

Jun 14, 2018

ESD anti-static clothing, Panasonic chose us again!

Panasonic Semiconductor Co., Ltd. clean anti-static clothing again chose us, our company is committed to ESD anti-static products supplies for 15 years, perfect pre-sale, after-sale, sale!

Why are our popular anti-static uniforms?

Anti-static overalls, using a brushed washing process to enhance the softness of work clothes, make wearing more comfortable and more beautiful! Domestic devaluation of overlocking process to enhance the tear resistance of overalls.

松下半导体工作服定做案例Panasonic designs and manufactures frequency control and selection elements such as crystal vibrator terminals and filter terminals, chip-type components such as metal lead frames for power semiconductors, heat-dissipation plates for ionized data, and light-emitting diodes, composite laser terminals, and other optoelectronic devices. Electronic components, because of the special nature of their jobs, their work clothes are to be anti-static, the purchaser asks for the work clothes of special fabrics, and the customer service recommends the anti-static two, which the purchaser orders directly.