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ESD Anti-static Products

Jul 17, 2018

How to detect anti-static products?

Detect the following indicators

Surface resistance, bulk resistance, grounding resistance, triboelectric charging, and electrostatic leakage of shielded leakage voltage.

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Electrostatic measuring instrument

(1) Electrostatic tester: a measure the static electricity of the product or a certain position. b measure the static elimination performance of the static eliminator

(2) Wrist strap tester: Measure whether the wrist strap is effective.

(3) Wrist strap online monitor: Monitor the wrist strap for damage and wear at any time.

(4) Human body comprehensive tester: It can be used to measure whether wrist straps and anti-static shoes are effective, and can also measure the comprehensive resistance of the human body.

(5) Surface resistance tester: used to measure the impedance or resistance of the surface of all conductive, antistatic and electrostatic discharge products.

(6) System monitoring alarm device: It is possible to monitor whether the working water ground wire is in good contact with the earth at any time.

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Formulate an anti-static management system and have a person responsible. Regularly check and maintain the effectiveness of anti-static facilities.

(1)ESD Wrist strap: Check once a day. Use the wrist strap tester, wrist strap online monitor, and human body comprehensive tester to detect.

(2) Anti-static ESD clothing: once a month, use surface resistance tester, surface resistance tester.

(3) Anti-static shoes: Test once a week, using a comprehensive human body tester.

(4) Human body comprehensive resistance: It is tested once a day, and is tested by human body comprehensive tester, which is generally detected at the entrance of the workshop.

(5) The anti-static performance of anti-static component frame, printed board frame, turnover box and transport vehicle is checked every six months. Tested using a surface resistance tester.

(6) Anti-static floor, table mat and floor mat are tested every three months and tested by surface resistance tester.

(7) The static elimination device is tested every three months and can be detected by an electrostatic tester (such as the FMX-OO3 electrostatic tester imported from Japan or the ME268A lithographic electrostatic tester).

(8) Grounding of anti-static products is checked once a month. The grounding system can be used to monitor the alarm detection.