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ESD Anti-static Tweezers

Nov 22, 2018

Smart hand of precision electronic production - anti-static tweezers

Precision electronics are relatively small electronic products, such as chips. Workers need to use a special tool in the production and assembly of these small components - anti-static tweezers, why use anti-static tweezers?

First of all, there are many tiny circuits on the precision electronic products, which are easily disturbed and destroyed by static electricity. Therefore, the tools used need to be anti-static. Anti-static tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials with good static discharge characteristics, suitable for processing and installation of static sensitive components. Surface resistance: 1000KΩ-100000MΩ.

Secondly, the esd anti-static tweezers are made of conductive plastic material, which has good elasticity, is light and durable. Suitable for the production of precision electronic components, semiconductors and computer heads.

Finally, the anti-static tweezers made of carbon fiber and special plastic are not ash, acid and alkali, and high temperature resistant, which can prevent traditional anti-static tweezers from contaminating products due to carbon black.

Anti-static tweezers have elbow tweezers, straight tweezers, flat head tweezers, pointed tweezers, etc., which are indispensable tools for the production of precision electronic products. They are called "smart hands".