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ESD Blue Fabric

Jun 12, 2018

ESD blue fabric

What are the types of anti-static fabrics?

Anti-static fabrics are classified into the following categories:

Anti-static and ultra-clean fabrics are made of special polyester filaments, warp-wise weft-inserted conductive fibers and processed by special techniques. They not only have excellent anti-static function, but also can effectively prevent the fibers from falling off and the fine dust particles from the fabric gap. In the exudation, and has no environmental impact (high temperature), chemical stability (wash-resistant) and other characteristics. Product specifications for the 68D × 75D grid, apply to the clean room from class 10 to 100 widely used microelectronics, optoelectronics, precision instruments, aerospace and other static sensitive and cleanliness requirements of the industry.

Anti-static knitted fabrics are made by using a series of conductive fibers and special polyester filaments. Anti-static knitted fabrics can not only eliminate static electricity but not produce dust. They also have the characteristics of breathable, warm, and comfortable feel of ordinary knitted fabrics. It is a new generation of anti-static fabrics that meet human health requirements. Anti-static and dust-proof fabrics are woven into conductive fibers (pitch 1.2cm) at a medium pitch in polyester staple fiber fine-count yarns, and are made by special techniques. The fabric density is larger than ordinary fabrics, and it has the functions of anti-static and anti-combustion. This kind of fabric is hardwearing, soft and comfortable, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and can be processed into various high-grade anti-static work clothes.

esd strip fabric.jpg

The esd fabric can be used as an antistatic treatment. When it is rubbed, there will be almost no static electricity. But if you use it for a long time, it will have static electricity.

Some tooling that want anti-static effect is a good use of conductive silk fabrics, fabrics containing conductive wire like static electricity can be derived