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ESD Bonding Point ,Antistatic ESD European Plug

May 08, 2018

ESD bonding point ,Antistatic ESD european plug

anti-static ground plug.jpg

Application: EAP or Cleanroom

Material: ABS
Color: Yellow
Shape: 10mm buckle X 2 + M5
Size: Irregular 50mm × 50mm × 50mm
Weight: 40g
Standard: Compliance with ESD S20.20 and compliance with EN 613405-5-1 ESD control program requirements

The grounding plug is designed to mount directly on a British power outlet for ESD protection

Designed as a safe way to use grounding in the ESD protection area (EPA). The plug is directly mounted in a power outlet that is only connected to the ground conductor. Real-time and neutral pins are molded from insulating plastic. I have provided megohm resistors for each connector to provide a ground connection for the EPA's wristbands or other cables.