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ESD Chair

Jun 01, 2018

ESD chair,Classification of anti-static chairs

Anti-static chair, mainly using PP injection molding, anti-static PU / PVC leather, PU foam material made of, the surface of the material resistance value of the 10th of the 6th power or 10 6th power to 10 11th power ohms. Anti-static chair surface high strength and high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fission resistance, heat dissipation, breathable, comfortable texture, suitable for anti-static requirements of the environment and 10,000 clean room, resistant to alcohol (PVC).

Anti-static chair The main purpose: to eliminate static electricity, a large number of electronic production workshops, laboratories, clean room.

Classification of anti-static chairs

1, anti-static leather chair (color: mainly blue, black two)

2, anti-static four-foot chair

3, anti-static four-foot stool

4, anti-static foam chair

5, anti-static mesh chair

6, anti-static four-foot reinforced chair

7, anti-static leather stool

8, anti-static PU foam chair