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ESD Chair And ESD Stool

May 14, 2018

ESD chair and ESD stool

esd pu leather chair.png

1. ESD chair and ESD stool surface: Y high quality anti-static leather chair, stool surface diameter 33CM (seat surface screw hole 10*10CM) has blue and black two colors

2. Chassis: paint chassis (made of thick steel, strong and durable)

3. Lifting air rod: foreign trade export quality, this product passed SGS testing, can reach the United States BIFMAX5.1 standard.

( Quality warranty for two years)

4. Five-star foot: thick steel pipe with five-star ring. (screw length M10)

5. Foot Cup: Anti-static solid foot cup, strong. Can also be customized gray anti-static foot cup

6. Wheels: High-strength, wear-resistant nylon wheels. Equipped with anti-static wheels,

Equipped with esd metal chain, ESD surface resistance:10e6-10e9 ohm.