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ESD Clothing

Jun 09, 2018

Japanese enterprises dedicated anti-static clothing

Anti-static clothes is a kind of special work clothes with dust-free and anti-static properties applicable to electronics, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbiology engineering, precision instruments and other industries. The cloth is generally a synthetic fiber fabric with embedded conductive threads. "Electrostatic Protective Workwear" (GB12014-1989) is designed to prevent electrostatic accumulation of clothes and use anti-static fabrics for sewing fabrics. It is suitable for use in static-sensitive locations or in fire or explosion hazardous locations. The production process of the antistatic fabric used is mainly when the textile is used, and the antistatic fiber or the antistatic synthetic fiber made of conductive material made entirely or partially of metal or organic material is mixed at equal intervals or evenly, or the two are mixed and interwoven. .


Japanese companies have strict requirements for employees' clothes and their styles are unique. Their anti-static clothing is made by our company, humanized design, and the style is also very novel. It is precisely because our designs of clothing and styles have reached their ideals. We have been cooperating since 2008 until today, and we are also expanding our apparel cooperation in different departments! Changed the company to be very satisfied with our products and has been hired as an excellent supplier for many times!