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ESD Clothing Value Is Its Value Rather Than Price

May 04, 2018

Today, a large number of unqualified manufacturers on the market produce unqualified antistatic clothing for profit, and they obtain a place at a low price. The low price leads to a decline in quality and does not achieve a stable antistatic effect, leading to the production of products in the workshop. Poor quality wastes corporate resources and indirectly affects the overall image of the company.

In fact, there is an eternal law in the market, that is, a penny-a-goods, no manufacturers will do a loss-making business, the quality of such a low price of anti-static clothing can certainly not be compared with the regular manufacturers, a foreign investment last year The company is preparing to purchase a batch of anti-static overalls and find some suppliers to send sample clothes.

However, they failed to pass the test and could not meet the requirements of the US ESDA testing standards. This is because those inexpensive antistatic work clothes used inferior conductive yarns.

The quality of an antistatic clothing product is not price, but value!