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ESD Grid Tape

Jun 11, 2018

ESD grid tape

In addition to the characteristics of high adhesion, soft docling, and no further tearing,

It also has anti-static properties and clear transparency.

Surface resistance: 10 of 6-10 of the 9th power Ω.

Use range: Suitable for sticking electrostatic sensitive devices, electronic passive components processing

It is used for the sealing of packaging bags and the identification of anti-static clothing.

The product meets ROHS environmental protection requirements.

Product feature

* Anti-static grid tape can be used as part of the overall anti-static control program for static safety workstations.

* Only a very low level of static charge is produced even in a dry environment with a relative humidity of 10%.

* This new type of tape, which generates no more than 50 volts when moved up from stainless steel, in a production environment

Can effectively prevent electrostatic discharge damage to sensitive electronic components.

* This tape is provided with a paper roll core and an anti-static plastic roll core, which minimizes contamination in clean areas.