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ESD Ground Socket

May 16, 2018

ESD Ground socket

‍‍High Quality L Type ESD ground socket for ESD wrist strap

Scope of application: ESD Ground socket is widely used in electronics and other industries, applicable to various electronic industry anti-static equipment, safety grounding table.
Applicable to semiconductor, chip, microprocessor and other production lines; circuit board production line; precision instrument production line; optical product line; PCB product line; plastic factory production line; clean room, purification plant and so on.

Instructions for use:
ESD Ground socket is used with a wrist strap/grounding buckle, etc. In the terminal insertion hole protruding from the alligator clip on the unplugged end of the wrist strap and grounding buckle, it is effectively grounded. The grounding socket can be installed on the workbench and convenient grounding to effectively discharge static electricity generated in production to the earth.

●Stainless steel snap stud

●Two banana jacks for wrist straps

●Two 4mm/7mm/10mm snaps for parking wrist strap coil cords, standard 10mm snaps

●Ring terminal

●Customization is available