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ESD ID Holder Specifications And Sizes Panel

May 21, 2018

ESD ID holder specifications and Sizes Panel:


ESD ID cards are mainly used in the clean room staff of electronics factories when they use the work cards. The biggest difference between anti-static work clamps and other common material work clamps is that it is made of anti-static substrate. Other anti-static performance parameters: surface resistance: 10E6-10E9 power. It has electrostatic protection and will not generate static electricity during the use of personnel. During the production of electronic products, employees will not damage delicate electronic products due to excessive static electricity.

Can greatly reduce the electronic product in the production process of the damage rate, reduce costs, improve product quality and profit, so it is recommended to work in the clean room workshop must be equipped with anti-static work with anti-static work card sleeve, anti- Electrostatic card sleeve, or anti-static badge sleeve.

We are a professional manufacturer of anti-electrostatic office stationery. We will now explain the names, specifications, dimensions, and prices of anti-static card sets. We hope that we can provide useful information when we choose.
First, the name of the esd badge is quite varied. Everyone has their own name, anti-static work card sets, anti-static card sets, anti-static badge holders, anti-static rubber sleeves are it, one hundred people There may be one hundred names. Dapu company now collectively refers to it as: anti-static work card sets.

Second, anti-static card sets of specifications: specifications are generally divided into the following categories:
Anti-static work card sleeve soft: There are horizontal openings, and vertical openings, can also be understood as long-side openings and short-side openings, soft, generally with a hole location, convenient and lanyard support. Thickness is conventional: 18C-25C, and thicker, such as 35C-50C, thicker substrates generally need to be customized, most customers can use conventional thickness,
Anti-static work card sleeve soft opening need to explain:
There are two or three practices at the opening:
1, directly open type;
2, cover type opening;
3, sealed waterproof opening.
Anti-static card sets hard. There are horizontal openings, vertical openings, perforated and non-porous, and the usual thickness is generally 35C. There are also more or more thick and can be customized according to customer requirements.
About esd signs: The surface of anti-static work clamps is a sign of anti-static printing on silk screens. In addition, if there is a special anti-static mark for silk screen printing, you can provide the pattern-like requirements for screen printing. Colors are yellow, black, or both colors can be screen printed.

Third, esd holders sleeve size: size is also very large, there are regular and non-standard, conventional have the following references: 105 * 74,182 * 128,128 * 91,91 * 64,105 * 70,. Non-standard size has the following for reference: 110*60, 98*70, 135*93, 99*62 inner size shall prevail, unit: mm, if customers need to order non-standard anti-static card sleeve can provide size or Samples are prepared for our company.

Fourth, anti-static card sets Price: The price is very affordable, absolute high quality and low price. We provide more anti-static office supplies, such as anti-static paper bag, anti-static hard rubber sleeve, anti-static folder, anti-static pen, anti-static mouse and keyboard, etc.


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