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ESD Material For Making ESD Clothes

May 05, 2018

ESD material for making ESD clothes

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The good and bad ESD fabric directly affect the efficacy of anti-static clothes!
Every day, customers ask why your esd clothes is more expensive than other homes. Where is it? It looks the same way.
When making esd garments,esd smocks,esd jacket,or any other esd uniforms,ESD fabric, must use anti-static fiber, choose the wrong conductive esd fiber may cause pollution. At present, there are two types of antistatic fibers that are commonly used—a surface carburizing antistatic fiber and a composite spinning antistatic fiber.

The composite spinning antistatic fiber has a long-lasting antistatic effect, and the normal cleaning and cleaning 100 times antistatic effect will not be attenuated.

Based on my many years of experience in the anti-static industry, I would like to tell everyone that after the clothes are charged, they will absorb a lot of dust and are prone to contamination. Clothing and human bodies, clothing and clothing will also have phenomena of entanglement or sparks.

Therefore, electrostatic interference will affect the smooth progress of processing and affect the quality and performance of the product. It is very important to use anti-static fabrics with better quality as anti-static clothing.

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