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ESD Mesh Shoes

Jun 04, 2018

ESD mesh shoes

Anti-static shoes are the necessary configuration of anti-static clothing

Anti-static shoes use bulk materials PU or PVC material to produce soles. Anti-slip anti-slip material is used on the soles. It is integrally formed with the upper. It effectively leaks static electricity and forms a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing.


Due to the requirements of manufacturers, the current anti-static shoes not only need to have anti-static function, but also need to use low-dusting materials to suppress the dust generated by people walking in the clean room. Suitable for pharmaceutical factories, food factories, electronics factory clean workshops, laboratories, etc. Anti-static work shoes use bulk materials PU or PVC material to produce soles. Anti-slip anti-slip materials are used on soles to absorb sweat and deodorant. It can also achieve anti-slip, anti-static and other functions. It can be integrally formed with the upper and then on-line reinforcement. It can effectively leak static electricity and together with anti-static clothing constitute a complete anti-static system.

anti-static slipper.jpg

In a clean room environment, static electricity may be generated in the body and clothing when the worker walks. Electrostatic discharge may generate electrostatic discharge. Therefore, anti-static shoes played a certain role in the working environment of clean rooms. Anti-static shoes can introduce static electricity generated by the human body into the earth through anti-static shoes. Wearing anti-static shoes is the most effective and reliable way to discharge the human body's electrostatic charge, and it also effectively suppresses the human body from producing dust in clean rooms. By wearing anti-static shoes to connect the human body and the earth in order to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge. Control the adverse effects of human body electrostatic charge on the production line and the human body and improve product qualification.

According to the use of different places to buy suitable anti-static shoes. When checking for anti-static shoes, check the anti-static shoes carefully for quality problems. Take out a certain number of anti-static shoes samples to check whether there is residue, color is not the same or open plastic, off the line phenomenon.

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