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Jun 09, 2018

Efficient method to eliminate static electricity

1. Electrostatic body protection

The human body's electrostatic protection products have become serialized, and domestic needs can be completely self-contained. However, there is still a gap between the quality of conductive threads in anti-static work clothing and advanced technologies, and the overall comfort of wearing clothing is not very high. Domestic standards do not yet have indicators of human electrostatic protection products, but judging from national policies, such standards are just around the corner.

2. Anti-static operating system and anti-static turnover equipment

There are anti-static turnover box, turnover frame, worktable, anti-static chair, electric iron, suction tin, storage cabinets, belts and so on. This kind of product is relatively simple because of the process, a large number of domestic, but some of the product process needs innovation

3. Anti-static packaging

The variety of anti-static bags is diverse. The domestic supply basically meets the demand. The product's anti-static performance can meet the requirements of domestic and international standards, but the dimensional accuracy of rigid plastic containers. Domestic Sanwei anti-static production of two Baidu high-temperature anti-static packaging products, and commercial exports abroad, provided to Intel and other companies.

4. Elimination of electrostatic products

The ion static eliminator has ample domestic supply. It has a desktop, rod, air curtain, and gun type with compressed air. However, there are no domestic product standards. Domestic ion static eliminators may need to be improved in terms of reliability, discharge needle life, and other indicators.

5.anti-static pvc flooring materials

Enterprises that undertake anti-static flooring in domestic projects such as Sanwei anti-static use high-quality PVC anti-static floor. Anti-static PVC floor tiles have been developed earlier. Because of their low cost, good anti-static performance, and simple construction, they have been used at home and abroad. Products made in China need to be improved in terms of stain resistance, aging resistance, and non-linear resistance testing. The former domestic production mainly includes elevated anti-static raised floor, epoxy resin floor, polyurethane floor, PVC floor tile, rubber sheet, ceramic tiles, etc. Most of them are industrialized except tiles. The steel and high-pressure cast aluminum floor technology in the floor has been in line with international standards and has been exported abroad.

6. Test equipment

Domestic electrostatic detection technology is relatively backward. Anti-static attenuation tester, ion balance analyzer, electrostatic shielding tester and other important instruments, there is no domestic technology without production. The non-contact type electrostatic voltmeter has a large error due to its test and there are some problems in use.

7. Purification products

Anti-static dust-free paper, anti-static dust-free cloth has also become a series, domestic demand can be completely autonomous. Sw purification paper purification level up to 10,000 or more. Domestic cleaning paper has reached the international level.

In addition to using the above-mentioned products to eliminate static electricity, what are the feasible methods for anti-static safety management? The anti-static component box manufacturer introduced us as follows:

1. All safety-related procedures and equipment locations must take appropriate safety measures.

2. In areas where explosive gasses may occur, ventilation measures must be strengthened to keep the concentration below the lower explosion limit.

3, hazardous areas operators should wear anti-static shoes and overalls, or set up facilities to facilitate the discharge of static electricity from the human body, such as the installation of grounding railings, etc.; is strictly prohibited in the above areas to wear undressing and easy to wear classic clothing into In this area, it is forbidden to wipe clothes with flammable solvents (xylene, etc.) in the above-mentioned areas. The conductive floor shall be laid on the ground of the operation area to ensure its conductivity.

4. Operate and inspect in places where classics are produced. Metal items that are not related to work, such as keys, watches, rings, etc., must not be carried.

5. It is forbidden to store flammable and explosive liquids that are prone to static electricity in plastic containers.

6. It is forbidden to sample, check the scale or put the metal objects into the tank (tank truck) during the process of installing flammable and explosive liquids. The sampling scale shall be carried out after the loading is completed and it is left standing.

7. It is forbidden to use jet steam to heat flammable liquids.

8. It is forbidden to insert the insulating hose into the flammable liquid tank to perform the pipetting operation.

9, in the case of machine failure, liquid leakage, change the process conditions or the amount of material changes, we must take precautions to avoid electrostatic hazards.

10. It is forbidden to spray the solvent directly into the tank with a pump. Self-flow must be adopted.

11. For conveying flammable liquids, an appropriate safety flow rate should be selected according to the inner diameter of the pipe and the resistivity of the medium. Generally, it should not exceed 1 m/s.

12. The metal fittings arranged on the insulating pipeline should be specially grounded.

13. Equipment, pipelines, storage tanks, and generators that produce, store, and handle combustible gas flammable liquids shall have grounding devices that conduct static electricity.

14, all anti-static grounding wire must be solid and reliable, the cross-sectional area of the grounding wire should not be less than ten square millimeters, a single anti-static grounding resistance should not be greater than 100 ohms, and other grounding electrode should be used when other grounding and other technologies should be met Claim.

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