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Jun 29, 2018

ESD products show in NEPCON THAILAND last week!


SAFETY WORKING TECH participated in Thailand's NEPCON SHOW last week。

1. Regarding the exhibition, the quality of the guests is uneven, but there are indeed very professional customers.

It is possible that 95% of the cards may be useless, but there will be situations where orders will be placed on the spot. This will happen when the factory is directly pulled during the exhibition. When it comes to big fish, we think about it differently. To participate in the exhibition (Canton Fair) or Trinidad (to participate in international exhibitions in neighboring countries) or Baili (national exhibition), not to play, so if the company gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, be sure to be fully prepared to know that the exhibition Compared with the development of the Trust and Internet platform, an exhibition company invests in each salesperson is quite large, we must seize the opportunity. At the show, our sales director took three sets, and in the night before the show took it all hot Ironing neatly really made me feel the quality of professional sales.

Prepare a nice quotation by reviewing the previously-arranged notes (industry knowledge, common words, etc.) several times. If you can grasp the quotes and reserve price of each product in your mind, you can blurt out.


3. For the newcomers, the exhibition must dare to speak, even close to the status of "soking."

Hold your color page, see people to talk a few words, may be able to pull a customer, and at the same time temper their guts, because domestic dumb English makes many students read and write is not a big problem, I heard that it is not alright, there is Such a good opportunity to meet so many foreigners, why not seize the opportunity to exercise their oral English listening?

4. To identify customers

If you wear a suit and a suit, talk gentlemen and gentlemen, and are interested in your products, then you must pay attention;

b. Observing the items in the hands of the guests. If there is a bag of luggage with a variety of color pages, then the professionalism of the guest will be normal.

c. Judging from the card handed to you by the guest, you will collect a lot of information within 3 to 5 seconds after you get the card. For example, my product is a power product, the keyword is ABC, the guest's card has Power, ABC, and Clear website, reliable email (non-sales, info, many customers have several kinds of cards inside, for different people to give different cards, some are fake, which is why we post mail after the show, the phone can not get through One of the reasons), then surely it is necessary to focus on the guests, and there are other information, such as country, type of guest (factory, distributor, trading

After knowing these things, we have to grasp the follow-up negotiations and whether we should devote more time and energy to this guest.

d. If a customer watches a product and glances over it, then forget it. If you look at a product room for a few seconds, the opportunity will come. If he can touch it in the past, he must pay attention to it.

5. Be sure to make notes when communicating with guests

An exhibition is as short as two or three days, and as long as five days, the amount of information is very large. We must have a profound memory of the key customers. We can take pictures, records and other forms to deepen the impression.


6. If you have a good guest, feel like you are uncertain, invite your leader or old business to help

They should be willing to help others, to show the company's style, team's ability, to give customers professional and pay attention to his feelings, although you personally can not, the team OK, you get the card, the final single may be you, do not forget And thank you to those who helped you.

7. If you go to the show for the first time and you don't know what to talk about, don't go to your colleagues to steal customers. Try to learn and see how your colleagues talk to people. Remembering yourself, this is what you say when you look back. This kind of growth is very fast.

8. When you meet a very nice guest, you must consume him and guide the guests to the factory and have a lunch together. Let him stay in his place for a long time, set him up to help him buy some gadgets he may need urgently, such as calling cards and the like. The guests at the show are in a hurry and must let him remember you.

9. E-mails should be given to the guests in time after the show. It is better to have a bit of special features and make a difference.

10. Other things to do at the show:

a. Determine how many things you bring, how much to bring back, don't lose everything, all kinds of expense invoices and the like to statistics, in order to avoid follow-up and financial trouble;

b. For some small, hot-selling products, you may wish to bring some real machines (something that can be sold in the market). Probably you will be able to place orders at the show. This is a positive energy for the company's team.

c. Generally speaking, an industry may be in the same exhibition hall or in an adjacent exhibition hall. You can go out and pay a visit to find out what is happening in the industry, what products your competitors have launched, what personnel changes, and whether the industry has come up with new competitors. Whether to seek similar cooperation opportunities between OEMs and other manufacturers, we must know that everyone is working for others. Obtaining this information is not as difficult as I imagined.

d. After the show, we must sort out some reports, including the situation at the show, the situation of competitors, the situation of follow-up after the show, the input-output ratio, and so on. We will have a meeting to discuss all together. This will allow the leaders to take notice of you, and at the same time Promote the future investment direction and R&D direction of the company.

11. If you participate in foreign exhibitions, feel that the show is not bad, then the third time you can not go with the group, which will save a lot of money. And free time, you can take the time to appreciate the local customs, or use this opportunity to visit more customers on the ground.

12. Feel that foreign exhibitions are not good and want to try other shows.

So as subordinates, we need to sort out a report, such as a certain exhibition in Germany, which year it was established, a passenger flow in recent years, trading volume, which companies in the industry went, what is the estimated funding, whether the state has subsidies, etc. Looking at the report to the leaders and driving the leadership to do this matter is well-founded and it will be much easier. Remember to give the leader multiple choice questions!

13. Follow-up after the show, try to make more calls, communicate feelings, and determine the guests' itinerary.

There are many reasons why some guests do not return their emails. For example, to visit other manufacturers, to travel, to return home for a long time, etc., to be sure. If the quality of the guests is normal, follow up with three emails and no fruit (two to three weeks), then do not spend your energy.