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ESD Shoes Cover

May 17, 2018

ESD shoes cover

shoes cover.jpg

Product Name: Conductive shoe covers (How to use: Place the conductive strips in the socks of the user to make contact with the skin)
Product resistance: conductive resistance 10Λ4Ω~10Λ6Ω power, and antistatic resistance 10Λ6Ω~10Λ9Ω can be customized
Product Size: 17*40cm
Product color: blue
Product weight: 35 g/m2
Product packaging: 100 pcs/bag 2000 pcs/carton
Product features: Efficiently eliminate static electricity, prevent the static electricity of the human body from damaging the static-sensitive components, and prevent the dust from leaking from the bottom of the shoe. The dust-free workshop is used by the factory to visit the guests, eliminating the trouble of slippers. Cleanrooms, precision electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc. can all be used!