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ESD Slipper

May 18, 2018

ESD slipper

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ESD slippers can be divided into:
ESD Leather slippers, ESD cloth slippers, ESD PU slippers, ESD SPU slippers, ESD EVA slippers,ESD PVC slippers, ESD leather slippers and so on.
The principle is: by wearing anti-static shoes and anti-static ground, so that the body's static charge from the body to the earth, so as to eliminate the role of the body's electrostatic.

Upper material: PVC leather / PU leather.
Sole material: It is made of PVC or PU foam material, and it is integrally formed with the upper. Then it is reinforced on the line.
It can effectively release static electricity, and together with anti-static clothing constitute a complete anti-static system.

Beautiful, light and comfortable;
And strong, non-slip, with excellent wear resistance.

Anti-static SPU slippers advantages:
Use SPU material for injection molding.
Its greatest feature is the ease of cleaning.
And soft and lightweight;
Lower cost, better anti-static performance.
According to user needs custom colors and models.
The resistance value is 10^6-10^8Ω.


Anti-static slippers usage:
Anti-static slippers made of a variety of materials, including composite EVA, foam bottom, PVC, PU, etc., the following composite EVA slippers as an example to introduce the performance and use of anti-static slippers.
Composite EVA anti-static slippers upper using PVC material, soles for the high elastic composite EVA material, can quickly and effectively release the operator's static charge, to prevent the body charged, inhibit the body in the clean room electrostatic generation. With permanent anti-static, not easily deformed, etc., will not bring pollution to the clean room. Suitable for all clean grades of regional production environments, such as electronics factories, optical instruments, pharmaceutical companies.
Even though anti-static slippers have various benefits, we must also use the correct method. Anti-static slippers must be used in conjunction with anti-static flooring. Through the slippers-floor-to-earth path, the residual electric charge of the human body is directed to the ground to prevent electrostatic discharge from accumulating. Therefore, if there is no anti-static floor, anti-static slippers will not achieve any effect.