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ESD Smock

Jun 04, 2018

ESD smock

ESD smock is a fabric yarn containing a certain percentage of conductive yarn, and the conductive yarn is made of a certain proportion of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers blended with ordinary fibers. Elimination of static electricity on garments through corona discharge and leakage of conductive fibers. The antistatic fabric woven from it has a stable electrical conductivity.

ESD smock is suitable for electronic, optical instruments, pharmaceuticals, microbiology engineering, precision instruments and other industries with dust-free and anti-static properties of the special work clothes, the cloth is generally a synthetic fiber fabric embedded conductive yarn. One of the most important aspects of the management of anti-static cartridges is cleaning, and although the fibers themselves are clean fibers that are difficult to contaminate, how to maintain them is an important factor. That is the cleaning method. If the ordinary washing method is used, it will certainly be contaminated. So you must use a special method. Clean work clothes, from the management point of view, must also be cleaned in the clean room at the time of cleaning.

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