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ESD Smocks Customized Making

Jun 18, 2018

Darfon electronic ESD smocks customized making

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Darfon Electronics Co., Ltd. customized work clothes to choose our anti-static overalls, Darfon Electronics trust our good service, fast delivery speed and high-quality anti-static clothing. Customized work clothes, easy to escort you, help you become a pioneer in the industry! In terms of quality, our anti-static service begins with the first process, and we strictly control the design team to the front line. We design and manufacture according to the operating habits and operating environment of the operators. The style is generous, whether it is the first-line operator or the outdoor worker. Is a very good choice!

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Our company as a manufacturer of anti-static clothing, from the moment of material selection has been divided into high! From material selection to processing, checks at all levels, strict quality inspection, does not allow an unqualified uniform to flow out of the workshop and into the market! Perennial stock available, adequate supply, and stocking at any time, 100 sets can be ordered, lightning delivery after orders, do not wait for the duration, to ensure that you use a fast time in front of you, each piece of work clothes can be offset for you Or embroider your company's LOGO and go there is an activity plate! It is our responsibility and obligation to provide you with personalized service and do your procurement consultants well!