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ESD Static Equipment

Feb 07, 2019

Use method and safety maintenance of electrostatic precipitator in addition to static equipment

Use method of electrostatic precipitator except static equipment

1. Plug the power plug into a grounded power socket and connect the compressed air tube (compressed air to filter water filter);

2. After the power switch is turned on, the static dust removal box is in working state. When an object enters the box, the photoelectric switch senses that there is an object below, and the static air nozzle and the wind bar inside blow out a large amount of ion wind, and the object leaves the box. Body, automatically stop blowing;

3. Adjust the air pressure. After connecting the air pipe, open the air pressure, pull the air pressure adjustment switch up slightly, then rotate the switch left and right to adjust the air pressure. The air pressure can be seen on the air pressure gauge. The pressure is adjusted to 4-7kg/cm2. After adjusting, press the switch down. The maximum air pressure should not exceed 7kg/cm2;

4, photoelectric switch sensing distance can be adjusted, the maximum distance is 30CM, there is a small knob on the photoelectric switch, the left and right rotation can adjust the sensing distance;

5. An exhaust fan is installed behind, which can suck the dust on the bottom of the dust box, and the air outlet covers a bag to collect dust.

In addition to static equipment, electrostatic precipitator safety and maintenance:

1. The compressed air should pass through the filter water filter, and the socket connected to the dust box must be reliably grounded. The maximum air pressure should not exceed 7kg/cm2;

2. This machine is a 4.6KV high-voltage ion generator. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials when using. It is forbidden to use in flammable and explosive environments.