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ESD Tip Changeable Tweezers Application

Jun 19, 2018

ESD tip changeable tweezers application


VETUS Original Replaceable Stainless Steel Antistatic Tweezers

Brand: VETUS


Handle material: stainless steel

Tip material: stainless steel

Shape: Tip

Function: anti-static

Custom processing: Yes

Specifications: 127mm

Magnetic: None

Replaceable tip material: ESD PPS 1X108Ω

Hardness: HRC40-45

Hardness: (HRC 40-45 degrees)

Made of stainless steel; antimagnetic and anti-acid;

The hardness of the tip is particularly good, not easy to deform, the hardness HRC is more than 40, can be used for a long time, increase the life span;

VETUS Tweezers are widely used in electronics, watches, jewellery, cloth inspection, chemical engineering, laboratories, and high-tech fields. The product quality is based on the Swiss brand standard and can replace Swiss, Japanese, Taiwanese, American and other professional brands.

Anti-static replaceable stainless steel tweezers series: ESD-259A, ESD-259, ESD-250, ESD-249, ESD-242, ESD-7A, ESD-2A, ESD-00