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Esd Waste Bin

May 21, 2018

New products listed (240L/120L large capacity permanent esd waste bin)

The company's latest product "240L, 120L China's first production of large-capacity trash." To meet the needs of customers in the market, the company officially launched a large-capacity 240L.120L large-capacity large-scale trash can meet customer requirements in many aspects.

The following is a detailed description of "240L.120L permanent anti-static large capacity anti-static trash."

esd dust bin.jpgESD bin.jpg

This "ultra-capacity trash" has a large capacity, has pulleys, pedals, and is very practical. Can meet the clean room anti-static workshop configuration.

This all-static material injection, large capacity anti-static trash, 120 liters / 240 liters today began a comprehensive market sales, pedal design, easy to use, surface resistance: 10E5-10E9, friction voltage less than: 100V, absolutely non-surface coating The surface layer can be scratched with a knife to test the frictional voltage. Demand new and old customers can call directly