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ESD Wrist Strap

May 29, 2018

ESD WRIST STRAP---Very cheap type esd wrist strap

ESD wrist strap consists of:

1, winding: PU material;

2, Alligator clips: Stainless steel clips or buttons

3, bracelet: black, blue, red and so on.


The ESD wrist strap effectively releases static electricity from the human body through grounding to prevent the product from static electricity.

Anti-static wrist straps generally need to be used with “earthed sockets,” and one ground socket can accept two wrist straps.

 esd wrist strap.JPG

Application scope:

ESD wrist straps can be used in electronics factories, medicines, aerospace, and precision machinery.


Note: The ESD wrist strap is a device that is worn on the human body's wrist to release the electrostatic charge.


It is divided into wired type and wireless type. It has a metal ring and a rubber elastic wire. The spring ground wire can withstand more than 30,000 rounds without breaking.

The anti-static wrist strap buckle adjusts the wired type, which can effectively protect the zero-resistance parts from being disturbed by the static electricity and discharge the static electricity of the human body.

The inner layer of the elastic band is knitted with antistatic yarns and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarns.



The principle of anti-static wrist strap:


The static electricity of the human body is conducted to the earth through the wrist strap and the grounding wire. The wristband is in contact with the skin during use.

And make sure that the grounding wire is directly grounded so as to maximize its effectiveness.