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ESD Wrist Strap

May 31, 2018

Why not choose a cheap ESD wrist strap?

ESD wrist straps are wrist straps that workers use to discharge their static electricity on the wrist. They are often used in the production of electronic products. Divided into corded and cordless, we do not speak today of cordless, because the cordless wrist strap has much less electrostatic discharge than corded. Anti-static wrist strap (rope) It is composed of elastic band, active snap, spring cord, protective resistor and plug or collet. The inner layer of elastic band is knitted with anti-static yarn, and the outer layer is knitted with ordinary yarn. When the worker wears the wrist strap on his wrist, he presses the snap button, and the other end of the plug or the clip is grounded, so that the body's static electricity can be effectively released.


After the ESD wrist strap is used for a period of time, the wrist straps are continuously stretched and bent during the process, and the wires in some of the cheap wrist straps are broken off, and the anti-static effect is not obtained. It is not known that it has become ineffective, causing electrostatic accidents after touching static-sensitive parts. However, anti-static wrist straps with relatively high prices produced by regular manufacturers do not suffer from this kind of situation. They have undergone many rigorous tests for hanging heavy objects, and have strict monitoring of product processes, quality and processes. The product can meet the specified number of bending times and can guarantee the service life. This is the reason why some foreign companies have designated foreign brands wristbands.


When a person touches a high static power supply due to improper access, a large amount of static charge is introduced in an instant, and when the ion is too late to be completed, the anti-static wrist band can provide ion neutralization (for the Corona discharge effect) by borrowing the same external air water molecule as the screw. Eliminating static electricity effectively and achieving the ultimate goal of electrostatic discharge (static voltage balance). However, some domestic inexpensive anti-static wrist straps may not be able to neutralize static electricity in a timely manner. For example, the position of a snap button may sometimes be less tight after several times of use. When a worker is in operation, , People are constantly active and static electricity is constantly generated. At the same time, the wrist band is sometimes fully tightened, and sometimes it is not fully fastened. It is very likely that the body's static electricity will breakdown the chip within 0.1 seconds, causing an electrostatic accident without any " Traces."

 esd wrist strap.JPG

The current Chinese ESD wrist strap status is low quality and low price. So that the standard is only for the performance of the product, there is no standard for quality. As long as the product can reach 1MΩ resistance is qualified. No standard or guarantee can be provided for the service life. Therefore, it is recommended that if the product itself has a relatively high requirement for static electricity, in order to prevent the occurrence of static electricity accidents, the principle of anti-static equipment, tools, etc. must not be coveted, otherwise the damage caused by electrostatic accidents will be even greater.