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ESD Wrist Strap Tester

May 31, 2018

ESD wrist strap tester

The ESD wrist strap tester plays a key role. It can test the performance of wristbands at any time, reminding employees to replace them regularly to ensure smooth production and product quality. Therefore, if the company is equipped with ESD wrist straps, ESD wrist strap testers are indispensable.


SL-035 wrist strap tester,electrostatic ring tester,anti-static wristband tester

The SL-035 tester is designed to perform (feature) testing of ESD personal grounding devices quickly and multiple times.

This product is used as one of the inspection tools to complete the implementation of "Compliance with verification requirements and verification of routine inspections of technical requirements plans" of ANSI ESD S20.20.

The test parameters factory has been preset in advance, but must be adjusted to match their own parameters in order to use. The SL-035 type operation is simple and convenient. The green light signals the user that everything is normal. Red light and audible alerts indicate that the circuit resistance is too high or too low.

Wrist band tester

The tester verifies the presence of a path between the operator, the wrist strap, and the ground wire.

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