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ESD Wrist Strap Tester

Jun 01, 2018

Economical ESD wrist strap tester

The SL-035 is equipped with a 750KΩ-10MΩ circuit (for testing wrist straps) designed specifically for testing wrist straps. The product is simple and convenient to operate, the green light signal indicates that everything is normal, and the red light and sound prompt indicate that the circuit resistance is too high or too low. It mainly monitors whether the wrist band is worn or not, whether the wrist band is damaged, too loose or broken. The instrument will alarm, thus ensuring the reliability of the body's static electricity released to the earth through the wrist strap.

The SL-035 wrist strap tester verifies the presence of a path between the operator, the wrist strap, and the ground wire.

A. When you wear a wrist strap, insert the (wire) plug end into the socket on the front of the tester.

B. Place the switch in the "WRIST CORD" position.

C. Press the test button to start the tester and start the tester in 2-3 seconds.

Note: Do not accidentally touch the metal parts during the test.

D. The green “PASS” LED is on, indicating that the wrist and ground wire devices are functioning properly.

E. If the “FALT LO” or “FALL HI” LED lights and an audible alarm is issued, the wristband wearer should immediately check whether the wrist strap device is normal.