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FMX-004 Static Tester

Jul 19, 2018

FMX-004 price | FMX-004 Original Simco | FMX-004 static tester

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The FMX-004 is an alternative to the FMX-003. The FMX-004 is a multi-function digital tester with a single-chip computer. The palm-sized compact design features an easy-to-see large LCD display with a large ±30kV (measured) Distance: 25mm), used for simple live measurement, specific charge level investigation of static electricity generation place, static electricity solution, effect measurement, maintenance management, etc. Our company's large number of SIMCOION electrostatic tester FMX-004 is in stock, the inquiry can be quoted immediately, no need to wait, the order can be shipped immediately, welcome to purchase!


3 detection methods

The measurement range is selected according to the conversion of the MODE button.

Static continuous measurement

Continuous measurement of ion balance and data recording is possible.

Measurement result screen representation and recording integrated memory

Confirmation record of the static elimination status of the product.

FMX-004 body: can test for 30 hours in a row

Ion balance assay

Ion balance measurement method is confirmed according to the performance of the antistatic device

The potential measurement of ±300V is the most appropriate maintenance of various destaticizers. When the ion balance board is not in use, install it from the back of the main body.

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