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FR164RJ Simco Generator

May 09, 2018

Simco Generator with model FR164RJ

FR164RJ Simco Generator.jpg

SIMCO-ION (Japan) "F164RJ ion generator is a dedicated power supply for "HBA" type ion air guns & "H" ion tuyeres. When "H" type multiple tuyeres are used in series, "F164J" must be matched. Power Supplier.


At the same time, we are the agent of Japan's SIMCO/SSD brand in addition to static equipment: SIMCO TopGun ion air gun, SIMCO/HBA ion air gun, SIMCO/FMX-OO2 electrostatic field tester, SIMCO/PC personal desktop ion blower, SIMCO XC type Ion blower, SIMCO AS-2 ion tuyeres, SIMCO MINion ion fan, SIMCO Aerostat Guardian suspended ion blower, SIMCO TN2 static removal nozzle, POWERUNIT 4 power supply, SIMCO Aerostat Guardian ion fan, SIMCO Aerostat PC ion fan, SIMCO FMX- 003 electrostatic field measuring instrument, SIMCO HA-4 high voltage generator, SIMCO AS-20 ion wind drum.