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Good ESD Anti-static Fabric

Feb 11, 2019

Anti-static fabric that meets human health requirements

Many employees in production companies are required to wear anti-static clothing or clean clothes to carry out their work. The staff will blindly follow the instructions of the superiors and let them wear what to wear. In fact, they do not know why they should wear anti-static clothing. Can not work in ordinary work clothes. The difference between anti-static clothing and ordinary clothing lies in the difference in fabrics. The following is interpreted:

Anti-static knit fabric: It is made by knitting a series of conductive fibers and special polyester filaments. Anti-static knit fabric not only can eliminate static electricity but also does not dust. It also has the characteristics of ordinary knit fabric which is breathable, warm and comfortable. It is a new generation of anti-static fabric that meets human health requirements. Scope of application: Commonly used in processing anti-static gloves, anti-static underwear.

Anti-static dust-proof fabric: In the polyester fiber short-staple fine-spun yarn fabric, the conductive fibers (pitch 1.2cm) are woven at medium pitch. The fabric is denser than ordinary fabrics with special anti-static and anti-burning functions. The fabric is sturdy, soft, comfortable, moisture absorbing and breathable, and can be processed into various high-grade anti-static cotton overalls. Scope of application: flammable and explosive working environment such as storage and transportation, chemical, gas, petroleum, coal, sea, aerospace, military.