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HAKKO 498 Wrist Strap Electrostatic Tester

Nov 06, 2018

HAKKO 498 wrist strap electrostatic tester


Quickly and easily check the strap grounding system from anywhere.

Avoid product damage due to static electricity.

Safeguard the safety of staff.

For the function of the electrostatic hand strap, the 498 can quickly and easily check the following items:

1 The connection between the electrostatic hand strap and the grounding wire;

2 contact impedance between the electrostatic strap and the skin;

3 Connect the anti-static board and the grounding tool of the mat.


Indication impedance sound

Low (red) R<800KΩ

Good (green) 800KΩ<9MΩ

High (red) R<9MΩ

*External size: 80 (W) x 40 (H) x 117 (D) mm

*Power: DC 9V battery

* Grounding wire length: 2.5m

Operation: Simply connect the ground wire and press the pad by hand to check. If the grounding system is safe green

      The "GOOD" light is on and an audible sound is heard.

Note: After approximately 50,000 operations, when the green “GOOD” light is still lit, but no sound is heard, it indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.