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High-quality Anti-static Products, Where Is It Special?

Jun 15, 2018

High-quality anti-static products, where is it special?

Our company as a professional production of anti-static folder manufacturers, our company produced by the anti-static folder from the anti-static raw materials injection, the first product surface is very dry, there will be no greasy feeling, can be washed with water, alcohol cleaning, surface Resistance: 10E5-10E9 (according to international standards), 100% frictional voltage is guaranteed within 100V (can be tested after cleaning with alcohol) Anti-static effect will not be permanently lost.

Now all types of large-scale electronics factories, semiconductor factories are increasingly strict requirements for anti-static products, surface coating of anti-static folders can no longer meet the high standards of customers, even if the price is at the end, but the quality of In the end, it will be eliminated by the market. Now the market demand is no longer cheap, but what is needed is quality assurance.

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