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How Is The Anti-static Garments Fake

Jul 28, 2018

How is the anti-static garments fake?

I think you will see all kinds of fake and shoddy products in your life, but you may not understand how anti-static clothes are faked. Here is the puzzle for you.

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Real anti-static clothing is generally made of polyester filament and high-performance, long-lasting conductive fiber. It has dust-free and anti-static functions. Qualified anti-static clothing can be used for more than 48 times and can be washed repeatedly. However, if it is a counterfeit anti-static clothing, it is only coated with an antistatic solvent on the surface, and there is no embedded conductive fiber. This forms the appearance of an antistatic garments and can be temporarily tested by static electricity. However, this counterfeit anti-static garments is actually a one-time product. After 1-2 washings, the anti-static effect no longer exists. Compare the number of washes and prices, I believe you all know how to choose?

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