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How Often Is It More Reasonable To Change The Anti-static Shoes

Jul 27, 2018

How often is it more reasonable to change the anti-static shoes?

As an essential work shoe in the electronics, chemical, medical, and aerospace industries, anti-static shoes are even longer than ordinary shoes. So some purchasing staff may be confused, how long does it take for these anti-static shoes to replace a new one?

In general, anti-static work shoes should be tested for resistance after wearing for about 200 hours. For some companies with strict requirements, even need to test each time they enter the workshop. Once the test fails, stop using it. .

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These anti-static shoes that have been discontinued can be cleaned by a professional cleaning company if they are not clean enough. If there are holes, etc., you can consider sewing. The sewing thread used in sewing must also be anti-static. . If these methods cannot be used to restore the performance of the anti-static shoes and pass the test, the anti-static shoes can only be disposed of.

If it is strictly required, it is recommended to replace the anti-static shoes for three months. If the industry's anti-static requirements are not high, and properly maintained, a pair of anti-static shoes can be used for about two years.

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