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How To Choose The Right Anti-static Esd Folder

May 22, 2018

How to choose the right anti-static esd folder

Recently, many customers have telephone or online consultation related to the issue of anti-static folders, have this need, there are several customers have become a single. Nowadays, many industries, such as electronics and precision instruments, attach great importance to cleanliness and electrostatic protection. In addition to wearing anti-static equipment and using anti-static equipment, some companies have special requirements for the folder where files are stored on the production floor. Use an anti-static folder.

esd folder.JPG

Many people's understanding of anti-static folders is still very vague. They do not know which one they should choose to be suitable for themselves. What principles should be followed in the selection process. The following methods are for your reference.


According to the different files stored, the selection of anti-static folders will also be different. For example, on the production line's work flow form, an ESD transparent paper bag of transparent PE material shall be selected. You can use the multi-page folder of PET and PE materials for storing data. The colors are mostly black.


When choosing the anti-static folder, we need to pay attention to it. We should clearly distinguish the surface coating folder from the original electrostatic material injection folder, although the electrostatic voltage of the coated folder can reach less than 100V. But will the lifespan of electrostatically sprayed antistatic folders be very short? The answer is yes. The sprayed folder will dissolve in water. If you do not pay special attention to maintenance during normal work, wipe it with water, it is very easy to cause problems, and the static material folder can be ESD permanently.

The choice of ESD folder can not be ignored, we should choose the purchase of the above method as a reference, so that we can choose the appropriate anti-static folder.

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