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How To Maintain Anti-static Products

Aug 01, 2018

How to maintain anti-static products?

The basic principles of anti-static products are mainly to suppress the accumulation of electrostatic charges; to quickly, safely and effectively eliminate the static charge that has been generated.

Static electricity is generated. In many work areas, ground materials are prohibited from directly using wooden floors or laying wool, linen, chemical fiber carpets and ordinary floor leather. Floors made of electrostatic conductor materials, such as anti-static raised floors or anti-static mats on ordinary ground, should be used and grounded. Specially treated terrazzo floors are permitted, such as laying a ground wire, carburizing or spraying an antistatic agent on the ground. Grounding, anti-static system must have independent and reliable grounding device, the grounding resistance should generally be less than 10 ohms, the embedding and testing methods should meet the requirements of GBJ97. The anti-static ground wire must not be connected to the power supply neutral line and must not be shared with the lightning protection ground wire. The three-phase five-wire system is used for power supply, and its ground wire can be used as an anti-static ground wire (but the neutral wire and ground wire must not be mixed). The cross-sectional area of the grounding trunk line shall not be less than 100mm2; the cross-sectional area of the trunk line shall be not less than 6mm2; the grounding line of the equipment and the workbench shall be a multi-strand plastic coated wire with a cross-sectional area of not less than 1.25mm2, and the color of the grounding line shall be yellow-green. . The connection of the grounding mains should be brazed.

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Anti-static device connection terminals should ensure reliable contact, easy to install and disassemble, and allow the use of various clip connectors, such as squid clips, plugs, etc. Humidity control, the relative humidity of the anti-static work area is not less than 50%. Allowing the use of a humidifying device to spray the formulation or water to increase the ambient humidity without adversely affecting the product. The humidity of the computer room should comply with the relevant provisions of GB2887, and similar computer rooms should also comply with this regulation.

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It is forbidden to use and contact the charge source that is easy to generate static charge in the anti-static work area (see the table below). Paint or dipped finish, plain plastic veneer, regular vinyl and resin surface finish. Plastic and general floor leather, polished and waxed wood flooring. Common vinyl overalls, caps, shoes, general polyester, synthetic and nylon fabrics, plastic and ordinary rubber soles, tools and equipment, ordinary plastic boxes, racks, bottles, trays and paper products, ordinary foam and general mobile tools, Compressors, injection equipment, evaporation equipment, etc.

Not only the boundaries of the area, the wall fabric, etc. are the working areas that the static electrodes may produce. And anti-static clothing and other products must appear in certain occasions. To ensure safety and unnecessary trouble.