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How To Make Anti-static Mats Durable

Nov 01, 2018

How to make anti-static mats durable?

Anti-static mat use principle:

First, the requirements of the basic ground The bottom surface of the requirements can be the bottom of the water mill, the bottom of the porcelain.

The ground should be flat, no obvious unevenness, and the unevenness should be less than two thousandths.

The ground has sufficient strength and no sanding or shelling.

The ground is dry.

Second, the green surface is for storing and absorbing the static electricity around the tabletop. The resistance of the 10th power of the 10th to the 10th power of the 9th power Ω, the black bottom surface of the conductor ≤10 6th Ω/cm, due to the conductor can quickly absorb the static electricity One end of the discharge and grounding wire is connected to the anti-static table mat, and the other end is connected to the earth. Therefore, the static electricity is smoothly discharged to the earth through the grounding wire, so that the static electricity around the desktop is discharged through this principle.

Use the anti-static mat to lay an anti-static mat on the table, then attach one end of the anti-static grounding wire to the surface, and connect the other end to the earth conductor, so that the static electricity collected on the desktop is grounded through anti-static. The line is vented.

Third, the construction procedures and specific methods with 120 # gasoline or toluene to clean the ground magazine (using the cleaning machine floor laying with copper or aluminum strips, such as copper strip thickness of 0.02mm, width of 30mm, the number of strips according to the actual requirements of the ground laying To measure the length and quantity while guiding the other end of the laying strip to the ground.

After the grounding guide is laid, clean and dry the floor, apply conductive glue, dry for 20-30 minutes, until the hands are not sticky, the bottom of the anti-static mat (black surface) is the same (coating conductive glue once), then put The anti-static rubber sheet is bonded to the ground, and then rolled with heavy weight for 5 times to make the surface of the anti-static rubber smooth and flat, and it can be used after 48 hours at normal temperature.

The ambient temperature requirement during construction shall not be less than 25 °C and the temperature shall not be greater than that of ventilation.

The conductive adhesive has a resistivity of not more than 108 Ω and a peeling strength of KG/2.5 cm.

It can be coated with conductive glue, or it can be pasted on the surface of copper strip.